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Loads digital images and morphs them together with quality effects
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Morphs one or multiple images and adds quality transitions. The created content is saved in many common video formats, for websites, email, greeting cards, or as GIF animated pictures. The built-in control panel manipulates the images using resize, crop, adjust, enhance and deform.

Fun Morph is a great application that allows you to create an animation of transformation of one picture into another. The only thing you have to do is select both a source and target image. Then, you have to select what type of morph you wish to use: morphing image 1 to image 2, or warping image 1 or 2. The warping type allows you to transform the image you have selected using the physical features of the other one. For example, you can create a cat that looks like a tiger, but preserving the same colors of the cat.

No matter what type of morphing you use, you will also have to mark the salient parts of the images you want to use to create the transformation. Before transforming the source image, you can crop the image and adjust its properties like brightness, contrast, etc. and even add a series of effects. There are multiple sizes to choose from and you can also customize your own. Once you are ready with your creation, you can preview the animation and save it in multiple formats including flash, avi, gif, html, frame and sequence.

In short, Fun Morph is a morphing and warping tool that will allow you to create fun animations using your photos.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Fully customizable
  • Two types of morph
  • You can adjust the image properties and add effects
  • Very easy to use


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